Community Bulletin Board

You can submit your announcements to:

Sara Antonakos
Programming Director

Andover TV’s Community Bulletin Board' is intended to keep Andover residents in touch with events
and services in town.
Area residents or non-profit organizations can submit announcements that are relevant to the

  • Size must be no larger than 1920 x 1080 resolution and are preferred in 16x9 aspect ratio. (Rectangular not square)
  • JPG, PowerPoint, Keynote slides are acceptable. Use “widescreen” or 16x9 if given the option.
  • Use larger text fonts when possible.
  • All text announcements must be able to fit into a Standard TV Frame Size. (16x9)
    Our live streams are in High Definition but keep in mind that our cable channels are still Standard Definition, so remember to keep your font sizes and images as large as possible for best quality.

    If you have any questions before designing one for yourself please contact the Programming Director listed above. Thank you.

    No page-long press release style submissions please! They will not fit.

    ATV CBB Instructions.PDF